3rd October 2015


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Aida presented by Opera Australia on Sydney Harbour


Running time 145 minutes with 15 minute interval

In Aida, Verdi masterfully puts the intimate affairs of the heart against the grandeur of the universe: where
kingdoms rise and fall and the sands of time grind onwards. There could be no better setting for such an opera than Sydney Harbour itself, awash with the light of the city and the Sydney Opera House silhouetted against the setting sun. But amid all of the spectacle, the famous ‘Triumphal March’, battle scenes and ancient temples, there’s an emotional heart.Long after the fireworks have faded from the sky and Amneris sings her quiet, concluding prayer, you’ll see the true mastery of this opera: it is at once an historic epic and an utterly relatable human tragedy.
Performed in Italian with English subtitles.

Doors open at 6.30pm.
Starts at 7.00pm – Sorry no late admittance.
Adults £7.50.
Students and Under 18’s £5.00.
Members £5.00.